top 10 instagrammable places in porto

Top 10 Instagrammable Places in Oporto

Those who visit Oporto cannot remain indifferent to the city’s architecture. The mixture between the old and the contemporary is part of the city’s charm and it’s one of the reasons why it is worth to visit Oporto. In addition, it turns Oporto into a place full of beautiful details that deserve to be photographed. To help everyone who is planning to visit Oporto, we made a list with the top 10 places where you can take amazing shots in Oporto.

Continue reading this post if you want to find out the 10 best places where you can take amazing Instagrammable photos in Oporto!

Carmo’s Church

In Lions Square you can see two churches, the Carmelita’s and Carmo’s churches. Even though their facades deserve a short, it’s the lateral of the Carmo’s church, constituted by blue and white tiles, one of the most photographed places on Instagram. And it is no coincidence. Typically Portuguese, on this wall you can take some beautiful shots.

Joana Vasconcelos Mural

Inaugurated in 2017, the mural created by the plastic artist Joana Vasconcelos, composed by 8000 colourful tiles is a work that deserves to be appreciated and remembered. When you pass, take some time to observe and take colourful photos.

Porto’s Cathedral

In Oporto’s Cathedral, there are several perspectives in which you can obtain good photos. In Largo da Sé, you can see Porto’s downtown, Douro river and the Pier of Gaia, but also the Clérigos Tower. There are so many possible landscapes for your shots and our favourite is the one from the photographs below, with the river Douro and the Pier of Gaia, taken in the stairs.

Palácio de Cristal Gardens

The gardens of the Crystal Palace are a small treasure in the middle of the city. A quiet park, a small paradise that allows us to relax away (but so close) from the hustle and bustle of the city. There, we can see the river Douro from a different perspective that will give some good photos to remember.

Rua da Alfândega

In this street, you can find several houses that have not undergone major restorations, giving a very characteristic scenery for your photographs. In addition, it’s a place of passage of the electric and the probability of finding one is very high. Enjoy and take a photo too because these cars are very photogenic!


Well, we can’t argue with that. The mix of the Douro River, the colourful houses, the people.. makes Ribeira one place that deserves to be in your Instagram feed.

Monastery of the Serra do Pilar

From the top of the Serra do Pilar you can have a view over the river Douro and the city of Porto that deserves a photograph!

Wherever you find an electric car

If you see an electric car when you’re walking around in the streets of Porto, make sure to take a photo! These cars are so photogenic and instagrammable!

S. Bento Station

Whether inside or outside, the S. Bento station is beautiful and very photogenic. We advise you to also explore the nearby streets where you can take very beautiful photos as well.

These are some of the top places to take photos for your Instagram in Oporto. Did you know all of them?

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