pasteis de nata

Where to eat the best pastéis de nata in Oporto

If you’re visiting Portugal, you can’t leave without trying the famous pastéis de nata, one of the gastronomy treasures of the country! When we think about perfect pairs, a pastel de nata and coffee comes to our mind! Continue reading this post and find out the best places in Oporto to eat the famous pastéis de nata!

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In our (expert) opinion, the pastéis de nata from Manteigaria are the best in town! The atmosphere in Manteigaria is also very pleasant. The decoration is modern and very elegant. Through a glass, we can see the fabric of the pastéis de nata. We only visited the Manteigaria near Bolhão but you can also find it near Clérigos.

Fábrica da Nata

Pastéis de nata from Fábrica da Nata are also very good. In the decoration of this cafe, the colour blue predominates, with ties on the walls and crystal chandeliers. Fábrica da Nata is located in Rua Santa Catarina.

These are our favorite places to enjoy pastéis de nata in Oporto. We hope you liked our suggestions and, if you visited these places, leave your opinion below.

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