10 Perfect Places For Chocolate Lovers

There are only a few people who can resist a bit of chocolate! We assume the guilt here! To our happiness, there are places dedicated to this delight spread all over the world. In this post, we introduce you to 10 places every chocolate lover should visit at least once. The best – one of these places is in Portugal!

Hotel Fábrica do Chocolate – Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Located in the centre of the city, it was built where the oldest Portuguese chocolate factory once operated. All the rooms are an ode to the chocolate, not to mention the restaurant’s menu, which includes chocolate on all the dishes!

hotel fábrica do chocolate 10 places every chocolate lover should visit
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The Perugina School of Chocolate and the House of Chocolate – Perugia, Italy

In Italy, there is much to discover besides the famous pasta. It is located in Perugia, in the centre of the country, The Perugina School of Chocolate and the House of Chocolate. There, you can learn about the chocolate production process and the history of the school, which belongs to the well-known brand Nestlé.

The Perugina School of Chocolate and the House of Chocolate: 10 places every chocolate lover should visit
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Chocolate Museum – Cologne, Germany

When we think of Germany, the first delicacies that come to mind are hot dogs and beer but, in Cologne, we find a 3-storey museum dedicated entirely to chocolate. In this museum, you can recall television ads, see the making of moulds or even the re-creation of a cacao plantation.

Chocolate Museum - Cologne, Germany
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Spa at the Hershey Hotel – Pennsylvania, USA

In this spa, chocolate is the king of treatments. There are several options, from trying out a chocolate fondue topping, enjoying an edible black chocolate facial cream and relaxing in a whipped cocoa bath! Sounds sweet, right?

Spa Hershey
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Cacao Sampaka – Barcelona, Spain

If you’re visiting Barcelona, you can’t miss this craft shop. At Cacao Sampaka, there are many products available, such as spice candy, chocolate bars with roses and strawberries, fruit strips with chocolates or cacao cream with coffee, peanuts or hazelnuts.

Cacao Smpaka
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Taza Factory – Boston, USA

In the US, there are very few factories that make 100% ground chocolate. In this factory, visits last for 45 minutes and you can see the hand-carved grinders to grind the cocoa beans.

Taza Factory - Boston, USA
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Mast Brothers Chocolate – Brooklyn, USA

In this factory, you can make an intimate visit in which you get to know the whole process of the artisanal chocolate confection. One of the ex-libris of the visit is to see how the flavours, such as pepper and coffee, are added to the chocolate.

Mast Brothers Chocolate - Brooklyn, USA  places every chocolate lover should visit
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Maison Cailler – Broc, Switzerland

Whenever a friend visits Switzerland, he travels with a message, “Bring me chocolates!”. And it is in Switzerland that you find one of the most famous chocolate factories in the world. In addition to the visit to the factory where you accompany the milk chocolate production line, you can also enrol in workshops to learn, for example, how to make chocolates.

Maison Cailler - Broc, Switzerland places every chocolate lover should visit
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Theo Chocolate – Seattle, USA

Theo Chocolate factory offers visits that allow you to know the entire process of chocolate confectionery. This factory maintains preserved roasting and grinding machines with more than 100 years.

Theo chocolate Seattle USA  places every chocolate lover should visit
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Phillip Island Chocolate Factory – Melbourne, Australia

In the land of penguins, it is located a mini amusement park dedicated to chocolate that delights people of all ages. There are many fun options, such as making your own chocolate bars, driving a miniature train in a chocolate village or looking at chocolate stalagmites.

Philip Island Chocolate Factory Australia places every chocolate lover should visit
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Tell us, are you a chocolate lover? Would you like to visit any of these places? We truly think that every chocolate lover should visit them!

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