Esposende – Places to Visit Besides the Beaches

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Located on the north coast of Portugal, Esposende is known for its beaches and it is the holiday destination chosen by many Portuguese. It has several blue flag beaches and extensive beaches, perfect if you’re a fan of hiking. However, Esposende has much more to offer and, in this post, you will find out what to visit in Esposende beyond the beaches.

Castro de S. Lourenço

Castro de S. Lourenço is located in the parish of Vila Chá, at the top of the hill with the same name. The roots of the Castro date back to the beginning of the I millennium before Christ. Some of the houses were rebuilt, so we could have an idea of what they used to look like.

Some of the houses were rebuilt, being possible to have an idea of how they used to be. At the top of the hill, a chapel is built with a panoramic view over the whole municipality. The hill is divided into several sectors, these corresponding to different periods and forms of occupation. It is possible to make walking trails that allow you to get to know the vast natural beauty of Esposende and have access to all the sectors.

ApĂşlia Mills

In a typical parish of fishermen and fish farmers, we find some mills that are right on top of the dunes. Once, these mills were used for the milling of cereals. Nowadays, some serve as summer housing. If you are a fan of hiking or cycling by the sea, you can enjoy the footbridges that give access to the mills and that run along the entire length of the beach.

Streets of Esposende

Amidst all of Esposende’s natural wealth, the city’s streets can go unnoticed. But there is no doubt that they deserve a visit. The city is very flat and invites you to take a walk. The architecture of the buildings in Esposende has a harmony between the old and the modern, the highlight being the Largo Dr. Fonseca Lima. In this square, you can relax in an esplanade, visit the Municipal Museum and also contemplate the main monument, which is an ode to the fishermen.

esposende locais a visitar

Viewpoint of Restinga do Cávado

This viewpoint must be Esposende’s best kept secret as it is unknown to most people. The Restinga do Cávado belvedere is surrounded by the river and the sea. When we arrive at the viewpoint, we feel a unique peace. The silence and the view are overwhelming. The arrival at the belvedere can be done by car or through a beautiful walk on footbridges, which start near the old hotel Ofir and go through a large part of the river Cávado.

miradouro da restinga do cávado esposende

Forte de S. JoĂŁo Batista

Also known as Forte de Esposende, this was built during the reign of D. Pedro II with the aim of protecting the Portuguese coast and the entrance to the river Cávado. Next to the fort, you can take pictures with the famous letters with the city name – Esposende!

forte de s joao batista esposende
o que visitar em esposende

These are some of the places that deserve your visit in Esposende but there is much more to visit. We leave you below some places that you should also visit:

  • Santuário da Senhora da Guia
  • Igreja Matriz de Esposende
  • Museu MarĂ­timo de Esposende
  • Igreja da MisericĂłrdia de Esposende
  • Museu de Arte Sacra

It is also worth telling you that Esposende is ideal for fish lovers. All over the county, there are taverns and taverns that serve delicious food that will make you cry for more!

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