5 Different Things to do This Summer in Portugal

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Summer is the perfect season to have new experiences and unforgettable moments. Spending the days on the beach is something that almost everyone likes to do but there are so many other things to try! Continue reading this post and discover 5 different things to do this Summer in Portugal!

Boat ride in Gerês

boat ride in geres different things summer
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We talked about Gerês on the blog already and you know how much we love it! From the many experiences you can have in the park, one of the best is a boat ride! And we are not talking about a boat driven by someone else, we are talking about you driving a boat! This is an amazing opportunity to experience the beauty of Gerês.

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Drink a cocktail in the rooftop of Yeatman, in Vila Nova de Gaia

the yeatman summer oporto
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Near the Douro river, in Vila Nova de Gaia, you find the Yeatman hotel. In the top of the hotel, you can enjoy an amazing view of the Douro River. The menu of the hotel bar is fascinating and it will be really hard to choose a cocktail with so many options. After spending the day getting to know the streets of Porto, this is an experience you can’t miss! Imagine watching the sunset from the hotel rooftop!

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Ride in a hot hair balloon

ride in hot hair balloon different experiences for summer
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A ride in a hot hair balloon gives you another view over the world. It is a unique experience and, even if you do it more than once, it will never be the same! You never know where you’re going to land. The hot hair balloon rides can be done at sunrise or two hours before sunset. Have you imagined a better way to spend the end or the beginning of your day?

Helicopter ride

ride in helicopter different things summer
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Have you been dreaming about a flight baptism for years? Don’t waste more time and mark it on your agenda right now! There are some Portuguese companies that offer this service and that have amazing tours in the cities they operate. Get on the helicopter and discover a new city from a different perspective!

Go skydiving

jump with a parachute
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This is the adventure that most people look for in Portugal but it is not for everyone! Put your fears aside, skydive and see the world like a bird. The landscapes seen from above are wonderful and this is undoubtedly an experience that will make you feel endless emotions!

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