Sometimes, we want to be poets and we think that it is not the destination that matters but the travel. Now, what matters is the hotel you’re going to choose to sleep – a tree house, a pipe of wine, a floating house, among many other options! Continue reading this post and discover 6 hotels for different experiences in Portugal.

1. Pedras Salgadas Spa e Nature Park, Vila Pouca de Aguiar

If you want to sleep in a hotel that is fully involved in the environment, this one is for you! This hotel has autosuficient ecological bungalows, named Eco Houses and Tree Houses. It is the perfect place to relax in the peaceful and calm Pedras Salgadas Park. Make your reservation now!

2. Design e Wine Hotel, Caminha

This hotel was built with high technology. The building moves 35 degrees two times per day, allowing you to enjoy the amazing views of the Minho River and Monte Santa Tecla. Make your reservation now!

3. Quinta da Pacheca, Lamego

If you’re a fan of the winery world, Quinta da Pacheca is perfect for you! Besides the conventional rooms, you can sleep in pipes of wine, allowing you to have an unique experience in the middle of the nature and the Douro region. Make your reservation now!

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4. Moinho de Maneio, Penamacor

Sleeping in the middle of the nature, next to the river, and watching the stars at night is possible in this inflatable bubble in Penacor. We’re talking about a spherical air-inflated tent, with complete privacy, overlooking the Bazágueda stream. In this place, you will certainly have an unique and exclusive experience! Make your reservation now!

Moinho de Maneio

5. Casas da Ria, Faro

If you’re a fan of water, you should spend a night in Casas da Ria. Located inside the Ria Formosa Natural Park, near the island of Olhão, Casas da Ria offers accomodation in an eco-friendly boat house. Casas da Ria offers you unique views of the sea and the nature. Make your reservation now!

6. Lima Escape Camping e Glamping, Ponte de Lima

If you think that camping can’t be comfortable, it’s because you don’t know Lima Escape! Lima Escape Glamping is a truly nature refuge. There, you will find the traditional campsites but also romantic and glamourous tents and luxurious bungalows. Make your reservation now!

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