5 Suggestions for the Autumn Weekends

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Summer days are gone, days on the beach are over, refreshing drinks on a esplanade are for the next year. Autumn has arrived and with it the will to live new experiences and meet new places. Stay on that side and discover our 5 suggestions for the autumn weekends!

Visit the Zoo

A visit to the zoo is a good programme at any time of the year, but sometimes on the hottest days it becomes an unattractive activity for all kinds of reasons. So this visit becomes a good option for Autumn. The days have mild temperatures and are not yet as small as in the winter. If you are further north, visit the Zoo Santo Inácio in Vila Nova de Gaia or the Maia Zoo. If you are further in the centre of Portugal don’t miss a trip to the Lisbon Zoo.

suggestions for autumn weekend in portugal

Hot air balloon ride

Winter invites for mornings in bed and this walk is done at sunrise! That’s why Autumn is the ideal time to travel to Coruche in Alentejo and experience a magical sunrise. You know where the balloon rises but you never know where it will land, only the wind will tell! Also, take advantage of the milder days of autumn to get to know Santarém and the whole Ribatejo region.

Relax in a Spa

After a busy and sunny Summer, the skin begins to resent and need to be pampered. Pack your bags and spend the weekend in a hotel with spa. Take the opportunity to do skin treatments but also for some relaxing moments, either through a massage, a moment in a Jacuzzi or a dive in a pool.

Adventure in a Radical Park

If you are not a spa person and are looking for adventure, this suggestion is ideal for you. From the north to the south of Portugal the offer of radical parks is vast. Have fun on a slide, a paintball game or adventure over hanging bridges. Choose a park that allows you to camp or, if you don’t like the idea of sleeping on the ground, look for a park with bungalows.

Visit to the Historical Villages

In the summer, the centre of Portugal is very hot and in the winter it is very cold. So autumn becomes the ideal season to get to know some of the Historical Villages of Portugal. Discover not only the cultural and landscape richness, but also the warm gastronomy. Piódão, Belmonte, Trancoso, Castelo Rodrigo or Almeida are some of the villages you should visit.

5-suggestions for the autumn weekends

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