Gerês, “an enchanted place” in Autumn

According to the Italian portal “Turismo Italia News”, Portugal is a country to visit in the Autumn. There are several reasons that lead the portal to highlight Portugal, from the mild temperatures that invite to long weekends or the colorful landscapes in shades of red and yellow. The Italian portal describes Autumn as a magical season in Portugal.

In this publication, the Peneda-Gerês National Park has a special highlight. “In the northeast of Portugal, the Serra da Peneda together with the Serra do Gerês constitute the only Portuguese protected area declared as a National Park”, says the portal. “The exuberant vegetation of the park, the lily of Gerês and the unique national holly forest” are some of the aspects highlighted about the national park.

Gerês, "an enchanted place" in Autumn
Gerês, "an enchanted place" in Autumn

The “Turismo Italia News” also praises the fact that the whole territory is crossed by rivers and streams that fall like waterfalls into lakes. “What is created is an almost enchanted place, where nature expresses the best of itself”.

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Finally, there is a wake-up call for deer, wolves or Iberian horses that can be seen all over the park.

Discover what you can visit in Gerês with our itinerary for an incredible day!

Gerês, "an enchanted place" in Autumn
Gerês, "an enchanted place" in Autumn

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