Serra da Estrela: 5 tips for snow destinations

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If you are planning a visit to Serra da Estrela or any other snow destination, you must take into account some aspects so that your trip runs smoothly and becomes an unforgettable experience. Keep reading our post and get to know the 5 tips we have for you.

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5 tips for snow destinations serra da estrela portugal
5 tips for snow destinations serra da estrela portugal

Wear suitable clothing and footwear

This tip seems obvious, but sometimes it is disregarded and there is some carelessness in the preparation of the suitcase. Ideally you should wear several layers of clothing as this makes it easier to take off some clothes if necessary, for example when you go to a restaurant. You should not only wear layers of clothing, but also snow clothes. You can wear jeans or a good jacket, but there is no better and warmer outfit than snow suit.

Don’t forget to wear suitable shoes too. The use of boots should be privileged, and they should be warm, waterproof and with a good sole that does not slip in the snow.

Wear a hat, scarf and gloves

Just as the right clothes and shoes are essential, you should always wear a hat, scarf and gloves. The extremities of the body are areas of loss of a lot of heat and so you will be better protected. If it starts snowing and you’re wearing a hat, your head is protected and you don’t feel the snow, as well as you can use the scarf as protection. The gloves also protect you when you are playing and touching the snow.

Wear sunscreen and sunglasses

This tip may seem out of place as you are travelling to a cold place. However, the ice reflects the sun’s rays and causes them to burn your skin even more. Also, as the temperature is quite low you won’t even notice the burns. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and sunglasses, the latter will also protect you from the wind.

Don’t drive at night in the middle of the mountain

This tip is very important to avoid unnecessary risks. The mountains, especially in winter, are places of intense fog formation. The visibility is very low and accidents can happen. Sometimes the roads are badly signed or have no signs at all, which makes driving even more difficult. Therefore, avoid driving through the mountains at night.

Protects the car during the night

Finally, the last tip we have for you is to protect your car overnight. If you can’t park the car in a closed garage, put a cloth to protect the front window. This glass is the ideal place for accumulating snow and frost and when you go driving again you will have to remove it. If you put the cloth on, you just have to remove it and you can continue your journey!

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