Charming hotels in the north and centre of Portugal

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Are you looking for a hotel for a quiet getaway surrounded by charm? Then this post is what you are looking for to get inspired. We present you 6 charming hotels in the north and centre of Portugal.

Charm hotels, as the name suggests, are characterised by their charming decoration. They are small and exclusive spaces, with a lot of individuality, refinement and luxury. Generally, the hotels are located in buildings with history and each one explores a different and characteristic theme.

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Carmo’s Boutique Hotel, Ponte de Lima

In the heart of the Upper Minho, Carmo’s Boutique Hotel presents itself as an intimate and elegant place. With 15 rooms and 3 glamping-style tents, the hotel offers guests various experiences, such as wine tastings, horse riding, nature experiences, among others… It is a luxury family-run space that combines tradition with modernity. The hotel has several gardens that invite you to go for walks, as well as the Divino Spa and the Natura Spa to relax.

Design Wine Hotel, Caminha

Wine is in Portugal’s DNA, which is why eno-hotels make perfect sense in Portugal. The Design Wine Hotel is located 1.5 metres from the beach and has 23 themed rooms, all with a unique design. The wine cellar offers a wide selection of Portuguese wines, especially the Douro wines and the green wines Alvarinho and Loureiro.

Pedras Salgadas Spa e Nature Park, Bornes de Aguiar

Pedras Salgadas Spa and Nature Park is not a hotel, but a set of 7 eco-houses. Semi-hidden in a thermal area with dense vegetation, the eco-houses are in perfect harmony with nature. All the houses have access to the thermal park, which offers a variety of massages, thermal and beauty treatments, sharing its areas with a magnificent indoor pool with water circuits, sauna and Turkish bath.

Casas do Coro, Marialva

Casas do Coro are a group of houses located in Marialva, one of the 12 historical villages of Portugal. There are houses of various sizes, being in total 10 houses with a lot of refinement, which are characterized for being a perfect refuge at any time of the year. Casas do Coro also has a spa.

Casa da Ínsua, Penalva do Castelo

Casa da Ínsua is located in a Baroque Palacete, in a wine farm, which combines the past with the present, and where every corner of the house goes back to the history of the owners. There, it is possible to know the production of wines, Serra da Estrela cheese, olive oil, jams and apples. In addition to the previous experiences, the hotel has various gardens and an outdoor pool.

Areias do Seixo, Póvoa de Penarfine

The Areias do Seixo eco-hotel is a minimalist rural hotel located in front of the beach. In this place, you will find curves, textures, memories of countries like China, India or Morocco. The hotel has 14 rooms and 4 villas with capacity from 2 to 7 people. Areias do Seixo is characterised by its strong environmental awareness, offering regional cuisine with organic products and strong community support.