The 5 most beautiful waterfalls in Gerês

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The Peneda-Gerês Natural Park has so much to offer. The beauty and natural richness of its four mountains, the villages with medieval look and the animals are some of the points of interest. In this post, we tell you about the rivers and streams that, due to the natural slopes, turn into waterfalls.

Waterfalls are one of the main reasons that attract tourists to Gerês and it is not by chance. But to get to many of these waterfalls you need to leave the car far away and walk a few kilometres. Besides, they are mostly unguarded places, with rocks, possibility of falls and where you should be careful in the baths.

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Tahiti Waterfall

Fecha das Berjas, better known as Tahiti Waterfall, is one of the most visited places in Gerês. The waterfall is located in Vila da Veiga, near the community village of Ermida. To get there, it is necessary to “overcome” some obstacles and is not advised for children. Although the route is not the easiest, those who visit the waterfall will be amazed and put it as one of the mandatory points when visiting the Natural Park.

GPS: 41.704007, -8.109551

tahiti waterfall geres

7 Lagoons Waterfall

In the parish of Cabril, the 7 Lagoons Waterfall is located in a place of high altitude and difficult access. It is about 5 kilometres of walk with little or no shadow. The waterfall, made up of some lagoons, is relatively calm as not everyone can actually get there.

GPS: 41.764843, -8.026339

7 lagoons waterfall geres

Arado Waterfall

The Arado Waterfall is one of the most visited waterfalls in the Natural Park, not only for its beauty, but also for its easy access. There are several hiking trails as well as nearby places that invite you to a picnic. It is located in the centre of Gerês, in the parish of Vila da Veiga.

GPS: 41.724140, -8.129897

arado waterfall geres

Portela do Homem Waterfall

Close to the border with Spain is the Portela do Homem Waterfall in the Albergaria forest. It is considered one of the best waterfalls in Gerês for bathing due to its large natural pool. The access to the waterfall is easy, the parking is very close and the walk is about 10 minutes.

GPS: 41.805927, -8.128167

portela do homem waterfall

Pincães Waterfall

Located in the town of Pincães, this waterfall feeds a small pond that invites to a refreshing bath. The way to get there is not obvious as there are no information boards. However, on arrival in the village, just ask any resident who will give you directions. The route is somewhat challenging and with many climbs but the arrival pays off!

GPS: 41.715825, -8.059628

pincaes waterfall geres

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the 5 most beautiful waterfalls in geres