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belfast 5 locais a não perder

1 Day in Belfast: 5 Places To Visit

On a rainy day (very common in Ireland), I travelled by bus from Dublin to Belfast, in Northern Ireland. On my arrival in Belfast, I immediately thought about London and I noticed differences between this city and Dublin. In Belfast, the taxis are London-style, the streets look “heavier” and darker and the architectural style is …

river liffey bridges dublin

Dublin: 10 Places You Can’t Miss

Dublin was the first stop on my trip to Ireland, in October 2019. The city catches everyone’s attention for its vibrant streets, the multiculturalism, easy to notice in the different languages we hear everywhere, for the music that is everywhere and even for the history of the buildings in the city. In this post, I …

Europe Portugal

Braga: 1-day itinerary

There is a Portuguese saying, “Braga prays, Porto works, Coimbra studies and Lisbon has fun.”. In this post, we’re going to talk about our trip to Braga, the city known as the Portuguese Rome. The churches and the chapels are some reasons to visit the city but there is much more to discover in the …

amusement parks europe

10 Best Amusement Parks in Europe

From russian mountains to fairytales, with your feet on the ground or inside water, there are many amusement parks in Europe that delight the young but also the grown-ups. Pack your bags and start a new adventure with this selection of the 10 best amusement parks in Europe we prepared for you. PortAventura World Situated …