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Essenciais para viagens de avião

Long Flight Essentials

Any plane travel longer than a few hours can turn into an unpleasant and painful experience! On my trip to Miami, I didn’t worry about the flight and when I landed… Well, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. My skin and lips were totally dry and dehydrated, my neck really hurt and the list of …


10 World’s Most Dangerous Countries to Visit

The journal The Telegraph made a list of the 10 world’s most dangerous countries to visit. Civil wars, religious conflicts or political divergences are some of the reasons why these countries are dangerous places for tourists. Continue reading this post to discover the countries that are probably best to avoid. Afghanistan According to the journal, …

locais perfeitos para amantes de chocolate

10 Perfect Places For Chocolate Lovers

There are only a few people who can resist a bit of chocolate! We assume the guilt here! To our happiness, there are places dedicated to this delight spread all over the world. In this post, we introduce you to 10 places every chocolate lover should visit at least once. The best – one of …