Who are we?

Hi! Mariana and Ana here! Before we start talking about ourselves, we want to welcome you and to thank you for visiting our blog! Your visit means a lot to us!

We are two sisters from Portugal, with an age gap of six years and with many ideas and believes that differentiate us but also with tastes that unite us – like the taste for travel and photography. This blog was created to share with you these passions!

I’m Mariana, the older sister and also the most impatient and impulsive. I love to travel in a spirit of relax. I like to take to be able to enjoy the energy of the places I’m visiting. I’m a fan of sunny destinations and I love to go on cruises. I love to pose for photos but I’m not a big fan of taking them!

I’m Ana Rita, the younger sister. I tend to overthink about everything (seriously). I started my journey in the world of blogs a few years ago and, since then, I never stopped. I like to travel and find new places and, of course, to photograph them. Once in a while, I like to go to the beach but, honestly, I prefer to spend my days in the city.