The Dirtiest Places in Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms are a place of passage shared by thousands and thousands of people with completely different habits and manners. Unfortunately, cleaning teams are not always available to disinfect everything 100%. Are you going to stay in a hotel any time soon? Continue reading the post and find out the dirtiest places in the hotel rooms.

With the number of people staying in hotels every day, these are privileged places for bacteria. The lack of time of the cleaning teams combined with the large occupancy factor in hotels can leave unwanted germs.


Before using the glass cups in hotel rooms, especially if they are in the bathroom, wash them well.

TV remote

Can you imagine how many people who touched the TV remote, which was most likely forgotten by the cleaning crew?

Lamp or switch

Like the TV remote, they are touched by thousands of people and are therefore an excellent place for bacteria.


Sometimes the hotel staff does not have time to change all the bed linen and there may not be time to wash and dry the duvets. When we sleep we release a lot of oils and particles of skin that are particularly lodged here.

We don’t want your next stay to be any less good and with more concern. We just want you to think about these objects and take disinfectant wipes with you!

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the dirtiest places in hotel rooms

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