Cork, a Surprise in the South of Ireland: Places to Visit

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Cork was undoubtedly the biggest surprise of my trip to Ireland! Located in the south of the country, on the banks of the Lee River, Cork is a picturesque, lively and colourful city. For a while, it reminded me of Key West, in Florida. It’s a small town, easy to visit by foot and with lots of surprises at every corner.

Continue reading the post and discover six places you can’t miss in Cork. To visit these places, I advise you to reserve two days to know the city.

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Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral

Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral is a gothic cathedral, which was completed in 1879 and named after the patron saint of the city.

The cathedral is truly imposing and it is impossible to remain indifferent to it. The whole building has a unique beauty and is deeply marked by the passage of time and the climate of Ireland. Its towers are dark and stained, like most buildings in the city.


Holy Trinity Church

The Holy Trinity Church is located on the banks of the Lee River. This church has its own charm, reflected in the dark waters of the river. Like Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral, the building is deeply marked by the weather and the typical climate of Ireland.


The English Market

Located downtown, The English Market is a market that originated in 1610! Nowadays, it is recognized by the city locals as a place to visit but also to eat and shop.


Crawford Art Gallery

Crawford Art Gallery has an exhibition of several works by Irish artists, from paintings to sculptures and also silver or glass pieces. The gallery receives more than 200 thousand visitors per year and the entrance is free.



Just as in Dublin and Belfast, there are also many pubs in Cork. On every corner, there is a cosy pub ready to welcome everyone. During the week, at the end of work and schools, people gather in the pubs before going home. At the weekend, they do the same to relax and socialize.


Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle is located 8km from Cork, in a small town called Blarney. It is easy to get there by bus. Visiting the castle and its gardens is something to do in a day! Besides the castle, you can visit the tunnels, the gardens, a lake, the waterfalls, Blarney House, among many other treasures.

The construction of the castle is completely open and several rooms can be visited. The highlight of the visit is to kiss the famous Blarney Stone to receive the gift of eloquence! All along the way up the castle and on top of it the view is breathtaking.

The castle gardens are incredible, with a unique and unusual green! The waterfalls leave no one indifferent, as well as its lake, which is a true paradise.


Cork was a good surprise! I dare saying it was my favorite city in Ireland!

I hope you liked this post! Soon we will make a new post with useful tips to visit Ireland.

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