Dino Parque: The world of dinosaurs in Lourinhã

On one of my trips around Portugal, I was in the West area and decided to visit Dino Parque, the largest dinosaur exhibition in Portugal. You might think it’s a theme park dedicated to children, but you’re totally wrong! It’s true that they are delighted and know the names of all the dinosaurs, but adults also love it and the park is attractive for all ages.

My visit was half a day and if you go with adults only, this time is enough. However, if you go with children and, because they are explorers, we suggest you spend a full day at the dinosaur park. The park has many indoor and outdoor activities and is equipped with several picnic areas for lunch or even a restaurant, if you prefer.

dino parque lourinhã
dino parque lourinhã
dino parque lourinhã portugal

My visit to Dino Parque

My visit to Dino Park was in the middle of August and on a day when nobody wanted anything to do with the beach. For these two reasons, when we arrived at the park there was a line of cars, which we easily overcame because it is well provided with parking. Car parked, another queue, this time of people. However, it was also quick and soon we were inside.

The first visit was to the Museum Space and the Lab Live, where the exhibition “Dinosaurs of Lourinhã” is permanently on, and where I saw paleontologists working on laboratory findings, as well as footprints and bones of dinosaurs found in the West of Portugal.

Leaving the museum behind, with a map of the park offered at the entrance, I went to discover the five paths of the Dino Park – Paleozoic, Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous, where I saw the most famous dinosaur species like Tyrannussaurus rex and Triceratops and the Sea Monsters path.

The visit to the park was done calmly and with time to enjoy the dinosaur replicas. I am not an expert on the subject, but in my opinion the models were impressive and very realistic. Every now and then I was searching among the vegetation and trees for the next dinosaur. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the visit even if, like me, you’re not a fan of dinosaurs. I liked it and I recommend it!

After visiting all the paths, you can go to the Activities Pavilion (more dedicated to children) or to the souvenir shop.

dino parque lourinhã portugal
dino parque lourinhã portugal

Some useful information

Address: Rua Vale dos Dinossauros, nr. 25 Abelheira 2530-059 Lourinhã

Opening hours: opens every day at 10:00 From March to May, it closes at 18:00; from June to September, it closes at 19:00; from October to February, it closes at 17:00.

Price: €12.50 for adults; €9.50 for children aged 4 to 12; free for babies under 3; family tickets are also available. You can buy your ticket online on ticktline (but you pay a commission) or on site.

Meals: you can picnic in the various picnic areas or have lunch in the park restaurant.

dino parque lourinhã portugal

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Dino Parque Dinousaur park Lourinhã Portugal
Dino Parque Dinousaur park Lourinhã Portugal

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